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Hertingforsen is a unique landmark and part of the Ätran river, which runs through central Falkenberg. Today, salmon, trout and other species of fish in the river have free access to and from the sea again.

The Ätran salmon: From endangered to thriving

The Ätran river has been an important fishing area for the local communities in Ätradalen and Falkenberg for centuries. Countless salmon have swum along the river and been an important part of the town’s economy. In connection with the construction of the hydroelectric plant in the Ätran river in the early 20th century, the numbers of salmon, eels and other migratory fish declined as they were cut off from swimming up the rapids to spawn. A lot of fish were also killed while trying to swim past the power plant’s turbines.

The restoration of the rapids

In the period 2010-2014, Falkenberg Municipality undertook a project to recreate the natural rapids. By restoring Hertingforsen, migratory fish species such as salmon, trout, eel and lamprey were once again able to live and reproduce in the river Ätran and migrating back and forth between the river and sea. The generation of hydroelectric power from the Herting power stations has been adjusted to not interfere with the fish’s migration patterns in the river. They no longer harm migratory fish while producing environmentally friendly electricity at the same time.

Make a visit

A pedestrian and cyclist bridge goes over the rapids, allowing you to explore both sides of the area. Standing over the rushing water is a memorable experience. If you are lucky, you may even spot a few salmon leaping out of the rapids.


  1. Elvägen 4, Falkenberg