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Natural attractions

Venturing out into nature is always a rewarding experience, and sometimes it can be a truly memorable one as well. Do you dare to enter Trollgrotten (the Troll Cave)? Have you seen the bubbling waters at the Höstena spring? Here are some tips on fun nature excursions in Falkenberg.

Yngeredsforsen - Döda fallet

Döda Fallet (Dead fall) is a fascinating destination. Located in the middle of beautiful nature, there is plenty to discover and learn here about the river Ätran and the power plant chapter of its history.

The most beautiful road in Halland

Travelling along this road is a nature excursion in and of itself. Bring your picnic basket and make a stop by one of the many picnic spots that are located by the road.

Höstena Källor

Witness a natural phenomenon that appears almost magical. Out in the round pond, it almost seems as though the bottom is constantly boiling.

Trollgrottan in Gnipeberg

Somewhere deep inside the cave is said to hide the troll’s treasure. Even if you don’t plan to go on a treasure hunt through the narrow, dark passages, Halland’s longest cave is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience.


Hertingforsen is a unique landmark and part of the Ätran river, which runs through central Falkenberg. Today, salmon, trout and other species of fish in the river have free access to and from the sea again.

Halland Coastal Road

Take the coastal road between Falkenberg and Halmstad and experience a scenic journey with lots of interesting stops you can make along the way.