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Guided nature tours

Ingemar Alenäs an ecology consultant and takes small groups on guided tours into nature to see, listen, experience and learn from it.

Learn about animals and nature

Ingemar Alenäs has many years’ experience in environmental and water matters, working for municipalities, county councils and the Swedish Environmental Institute. Ingemar has worked on the Ätran and Herting Project for the past 25 years. Take your work group, school class or association on an excursion to experience nature through the eyes of an ecologist.

Examples of guided tours:

  • Hertingforsen with salmon, trout, eel, lamprey and other interesting species of fish
  • The Herting Project - a unique project. How was it made feasible?
  • Lakes and water in the natural cycle
  • The meadowlands with butterflies and other wildlife experiences
  • Birdsong in your or my natural forest
  • Coastal beaches with sand and beach finds

The experiences are designed by nature, so be prepared for surprises! We are happy to bring some coffee and pastries as well as a positive mood with us, but we leave stress and media behind for a couple hours as we venture into lush and beautiful nature

The specifics of the guided tours are determined according to your wishes. You are welcome to contact for more information.

Photo: Ingemar Alenäs