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Vallarnas Friluftsområde

Vallarna is a beautiful and living park with lots of activities to partake in. The 270,000 m² area is only a short walk away from the town centre across Tullbron.

Falkenberg’s biggest park

At the park, you can walk along the Ätran river and take in the beautiful nature. Magnificent rhododendrons begin to bloom here in the early summer. There are also deciduous and pine trees as well as several introduced exotic species such as red oak, goldenrain tree, copper beech and yellow buckeye. There is an abundance of wildlife in and around Vallarna. A lot of ducks and other water birds thrive here. You may also come across a variety a small wild animals, including squirrels and rabbits.

Something for everyone

The Ätran river has salmon, which attracts sport fishermen and spectators far and wide. Vallarna also has a mini-zoo with chickens, sheep, goats and pigs. You can spend a while at the playground, skate park, adventure park, outdoor gym or the parkour park.


Long ago, Vallarna was an almost desolate area without trees and only a smattering of bushes along the Ätran river. The area was used as grazing land for the Herting farm, and there was also a clay pit and brickworks here. In 1861, however, a doctor by the name of Ehrengranat laid down the walkway along the river that is now known as the Doctor’s Promenade. Eventually, the brickyard shut down (1877) and became a cemetery site. Spruce trees were planted throughout the area near the end of the 19th century, but struggled in the sandy soil and were eventually replaced with pine trees.

The park begins to grow

In 1916, the park architect Rudolf Abelin was commissioned by the association Småfåglarnas Vänner to establish a town park in the northern part of the area, which was still a grassland without trees. Walkways, arbours and open spaces were established. Birch and mountain pine were also planted in groves, creating a link to the pine forest. It was around this time that people were gaining an increasing appreciation for maintaining one’s health, and a lot of the focus in this regard was on fresh air, parks and sports. The town had bought the field by Vallarna from the Herting farm and chose to build a school here to ensure that the children would have access to nature and fresh air. In 1936, Falkenberg’s sports hall was built in the area too, and it has been extensively used for sports and exercise ever since.


  1. Läroverksgatan, Falkenberg