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Laurentiiparken and Gåsatorget

In the middle of the old town lies a lovely green area with trees and plants. Take a break in Rosariet and enjoy the smells of the beautiful scented flowers.

The old town centre

The town centre was located around the Church of St. Laurentii until the mid-18th century, when the new square and town hall was built further north, by Storgatan. The southern part was paved with stone in 1868, and the remaining parts were turned into a park in 1881 - the Laurentii Park.

When the railway that ran through Falkenberg changed in 1936, it entailed laying down new tracks by the northern area of Gåsa Square. The railway tracks were removed in connection with the relocation of the railway to the outskirts of the town in 2008.

A bustling meeting place

Gåsa Square is mentioned on maps dating as far back as 1650. There were merchants selling geese on the square, which is where it got its name from (the Swedish word for goose being ‘gås’). In earlier times, it was a natural hub thanks to the adjacent school and town hall. The square had a well where local townsfolk could get water for themselves and their livestock. People from a variety of professions had homes around the square, such as potters, linen seamstresses, fishermen and bakers.

Visit the park

The Laurentii Park and its trees and plants are listed, and the park was expanded in 1988 with Rosariet, a beautiful garden filled with the scent of eighty different rose varieties all summer long.

This part of town is what is known as Gamla Stan - the Old Town - today. The relatively short wooden buildings here are from the 19th century.


  1. Storgatan 50, Falkenberg