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At Monarkmuseum (Monark Museum) you can indulge yourself in some good old-fashioned nostalgia in all sorts of products made by Monark and Cresent, such as bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, but also radio sets and lots of other things.

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About the museum

Monark Museum is the only one of its kind that exhibits everything the company Monark has designed through the years, from 1908 to present day. You will find bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles from Monark’s glory days, as well as Sweden’s biggest radio collection of Monark radios and TVs. The museum also has old original displays and newspaper ads from Monark and Crescent on display.

Monark, as you may discover, has a far more extensive product range than most people are aware of. There is also skiing equipment, hockey equipment, camping tables, outboards and much more on display.

For information about the museum’s opening hours, visit monarkmuseum.seexternal link


  1. Servicevägen 12 D, Falkenberg