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Life in the countryside, design, cameras and old cars are all themes at museums in Falkenberg. The museums are a great place to discover things both new and old. The Nedre Ätradalen Ekomuseum, with its distinct lack of walls and ceiling, consists of a variety of fascinating attractions. There is a lot to explore here.


Explore innovative design, popular design, national design and international design - all under one roof. The museum’s temporary exhibitions feature everything from industrial design to artisanry.

Fotomuseet Olympia

One of Sweden’s most prominent photography museums. Thousands of cameras, photographic equipment and pictures are displayed together in a unique, beautiful setting.

Berte Museum

A nostalgia museum with a wealth of historical artefacts. A variety of objects from the countryside, old environments, village shops and everyday life can be found on display here.


Ekomuseum Nedre Ätradalen is a collection of sites where you can find both big and small historical environments along the beautiful Ätran river valley. Combine a lovely outing with a fascinating journey through time.

Falkenbergs Hembygdsmuseum

In one of the well-preserved houses in Falkenberg’s Old Town lies Falkenbergs Hembygdsmuseum, which chronicles the history of the town from antiquity to the early 20th century.

Svedinos Bil- och Flygmuseum

This museum contains one of Europe’s biggest collections of old automobiles and aircraft. The collection includes approximately 40 cars, 40 aircraft, motorcycles, engines, electrical appliances and much more. There is also a museum café where you can have a bit and relax for a bit.


At Monarkmuseum (Monark Museum) you can indulge yourself in some good old-fashioned nostalgia in all sorts of products made by Monark and Cresent, such as bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, but also radio sets and lots of other things.