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This special place with its large tridents wake the imagination. Was this a site for rituals at the time or was it a grave? Archaeologists agree, however, that they date back to the period of AD 400 - 600.

Underground Antiquity

A Öinge, a few kilometres south west of Asige, are two of the largest tridents in Sweden. The sides measure 33 m and are located about 25 m away from each other. They may be a little tricky to find as they are like an elevation in the ground. In the middle of one of the tridents is a metre-tall stone that has probably stood up. It is here, in southern Halland, that the tridents are actually larger than in other locations

Grave or Cult Site

The tridents baffle the researchers. Some think that they are graves; others think they are cult sites. The three arms have also been connected with the three ancient Nordic gods Odin, Thor and Frey. No archaeological investigation has been conducted in the area.


  1. Koordinates: 56.86931, 12.77926