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Danabäck Stone

Perhaps it looks like just another ordinary stone, but it has had a significant task for the past 600 years. For such a long time, the Danabäck stone constituted one of the boundary markers between Sweden and Denmark.

Halland - A Danish History

The year 1050 was an extremely long time ago. It is believed that such was the time when the first boundary between Sweden and Denmark was drawn up. The Danabäck Stone is located in the Älvsered region, as for north in the Municipality of Falkenberg that one can get, and it is one of six stones that formed the boundary marker at that time.

Sources tell us that six Swedish and six Danish men travelled through the border area from northern Halland to the Baltic Sea and selected the stones. They chose stones with special appearances at strategic locations between the countries. This national boundary applied to Halland until 1645.

How to Find the Stone

You will pass by the stone if you follow East Denmark Hiking Trail, a 17 km-long hiking trail through Ålarp, Älvsered and Ulvanstorps Flatbread Bakery. It may be a little bit hard to find as it is hidden among the branches, but once you get sight of it, you will understand why it was once chosen as a boundary stone. Today, it is also a cultural artefact.


  1. Koordinates: 57.27025, 12.79375