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Watermill in Axtorna

This little house is where the farms in the area ground their flour. 200 years ago, it was necessary to carry out the entire process oneself, from cultivation and refining to storage and preparation. Bring your children along on a pleasant little excursion to this historic track.

Bild på liten skylt som pekar mot Skvaltkvarnen i Axtorna.

Water Power Grinds the Flour

In times past, each town had its own water mill. The mills could make use of water power, even in streams, in that they had a horizontal water wheel and were built over the streams. In order to get enough water to drive the mill, the stream was dammed up and the water was released on those days when milling took place.

The watermill in Axtorna is well preserved and about 200 years old. A new thatch roof was installed at the beginning of the 2000s. In all other respects, everything is original. You are welcome to go in and have a look!


  1. Koordinates: 57.03968, 12.64932