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Towering over the river Ätran stands Sweden’s most beautiful stone bridge, steadfastly regardless of the water levels and swirling currents. Take a stroll over Falkenberg’s most famous construction.

A must-see

If you have a moment to spare during your visit to Falkenberg, head over to the bridge and look out over the Ätran river. Notice how roars, glitters and seems to be alive in its own way. Place your hands on the thick walls and feel the air of history that lies over this place.


Construction of Tullbron began in 1756 and was completed five years later. Prior to that, the only way of getting across the river was a simple wooden bridge over the Garvare Rapids. However, it was often damaged by ice and spring floods, and by the mid-18th century it was in terrible shape. The county governor Hummelhielm was therefore given a permit and funding from the king to construct a new bridge, of stone this time. The first architect commissioned for the task was Carl Hårleman, and following his death, Carl Cronstedt completed the drawings. The master mason Friedrich August Rex from Gothenburg was hired to carry out the construction of the bridge.

How Tullbron got its name

Up until 1914, travellers and to pay a toll to pass the bridge, which was how it got the name Tullbron - the Toll Bridge. The bridge toll was leased out, and the revenues went to maintaining the bridge and the lessee’s living expenses. In the 1940s, there were plans to expand the bridge to cope with the increase in traffic. However, the plans failed to materialise, and the bridge has been declared a listed structure since 1984.


  1. Halmstadvägen, Falkenberg