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Sjöbergs Laxrökargård

Sjöbergs Laxrökargård was in operation for nearly a hundred years smoking fish and meat. If you get really close to the old wooden facades, you can still detect the smell in the walls.

A farm with history

The Sjöberg farm is the only urban farm in Falkenberg that remains fully preserved with all its buildings. The long and narrow plot is said to have been inhabited at least since the end of the 18th century. The farm is located adjacent to Storgatan, which dates back to medieval times. It has kept its original form with the main house facing towards the street, as well as an enclosed courtyard that is separated from the farm plot by an out-building. This was how most of the town’s farms looked during the 18th century.

Smokehouse for 100 years

The name Sjöbergs laxrökargård (Sjöberg’s Salmon Smoking Farm) stems from the Sjöberg family, who bought the farm in the 1830s and smoked salmon here from 1857 to 1955. Agricultural operations at the farm shut down in 1888, when they decided to invest all their efforts on salmon smoking. The smokehouse is located further down the property, near Ätran. If you take a peek inside, you can still see the fireplace where they burned juniper twigs and wood shavings to produce the smoke that gave the fish its distinctive taste. Smoking the salmon was also a way of preserving it. Walking around the town in those days, you would be able to smell the juniper twigs and smoke bellowing from the smokehouse.

Preserved for the future

In 1971, the municipality bought the farm from its owner at the time, Hildur Borgström. You can just barely spot the façade of the smokehouse from Hamngatan. The building will be renovated in spring 2017 and is not open to visitors.


  1. Hamngatan 17, Falkenberg