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Malt Oast in Åhs

At a height in Vessigebro with a strikingly beautiful view is a well-preserved malt oast. Perhaps you do not know what a malt oast is. That is not so strange as there are not many of them left in existence. In the old agricultural community, people made their own beer. That required malt. It was smoked and dried here in the malt oast.

Visit the Malt Oast in Åhs

Take a trip here and learn more about the old time agricultural community. There is a lovely place to sit with tables and benches if you want to bring along your own picnic. The malt oast is made of stone, and inside you will find a large oven called a galt. You can see it through the grille at the opening. When you approach, a lamp turns on inside. Next to the malt oast, there is a painting by Vessigebro artist Alf Johannes, where you can see some of the most important stages in the processes and read about how it all came about.

This is Where the Beer Got its Flavour and Colour

After Christmas and for a few months onward, it’s time for the townsfolk to drive out to the oast for the malting of grain for the beer. First the grain is soaked, then it is heated so that it begins to sprout. The grains is stirred each day in order to obtain an even amount of sprouting. Once the sprouting is done, the malt is spread out on the galt’s malting frame and the oven is fired up. Smoke from juniper branches gave the malt both flavour and colour. The fire burned around the clock and a fire controller had to place straw into the oast. This sounds a bit unbelievable for us today, but back in the day, beer represented approximately a third of one’s entire nutritional intake. So you can understand how important these establishments were.

N.B.! Do not allow children to climb on the oast since stone may fall down.

Follow this sign: Ekomuseum Nedre Ätradalenexternal link


  1. Koordinates: 56.98707, 12.69363