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Experience a truly old war-built Halland farm that actually consists of two estates. The oldest parts date back to the 18th century. Welcome to the courtyard!

Well-preserved Cultural Environment

Neighbour to Katrineberg Folk High School and right up along the road between Falkenberg and Vessigebro, you will find Larsagården. Initially, the farm was in Köinge, but was moved during the 1950s to its current location. Larsagården consists of two estates built in such a way that they form a square with a common courtyard. The older residential half is a log cabin from the 1750s. The outbuildings are from the same period while the newer residential half is from the 1880s.

Pay a Visit

This location offers ample parking space for those who want to stay a while and have a look at the farm. Larsagården is open to visitors during the ecomuseum days in August. A traditional midsummer celebration is also held on Sunday during the midsummer holiday.


  1. Koordinates: 56.97385, 12.63996