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Flak Tower at Askome

War planes and bomb attacks over Falkenberg seem like remote concerns today, but during the Second World War, the threat loomed. The Askome Flak Tower still scouts out over the area and reminds us of those worrisome time.

Reminder of the War Years

During the Second World War, many flak towers were built in Sweden in order to protect vital societal functions. The tower in Askome was erected in order to protect the Ätrafors hydroelectric power station from bombing raids. Most of the towers have now been demolished, but the Askome Heritage Association has taken this tower over from the Fortifications Administration to preserve it for the future.

Pay a Visit

Parking and signs can be found at the road. It is a short walk up to the tower where you will find a fantastic view and a spot with tables and benches for a coffee break.


  1. Koordinates: 57.03395, 12.66485