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Falkenbergs Varmbadhus

The old hot-bath house in Falkenberg is now a so-called culture school, but the beautiful exterior is the same as when the building was first constructed in the 1910s.

A bathhouse and sauna

Falkenbergs Varmbadhus opened to the public in 1915. It was a place where the local townspeople could go to wash and relax in the sauna. During the mid-19th century, an understanding began to emerge that cleanliness, clean drinking water and waste disposal helped prevent disease, which resulted in the building of many bathhouses during this period.

Falkenberg’s first spa

The bathhouse was open on weekdays, and visitors could sign up for different treatments such as a bath, sauna, soap massage bath and an electric light bath. According to the bathhouse’s brochure from 1915, the “cheap bath” included getting undressed and dressed under the platform, warming up in the sauna, washing and showering/bathing. Visitors were allowed to remain in the bath for an hour at most, and the whole procedure would put them back 35 öre (SEK 0.35).

New bathhouse

When Klitterbadet was converted into an indoor bathhouse in 1983, the business shut down. The house was turned into a cultural school, and the old basin now functions as an orchestra stage. On the outside, however, the house looks exactly as it did originally.


  1. Nygatan 46, Falkenberg