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Vallarna Parkour Park

Over, under, jump, climb... There are no rules in a parkour park. You simply navigate through the course in your own way and according to your own ability.


Take up the challenge

At Vallarna Parkour Park, children and adults can practice their body control. Parkour is similar to obstacle courses like those used in military settings, but in parkour, there’s no need to go through the obstacles in any particular order. You simply move from a to b while trying not to be hindered by the obstacles in your way. There are no rules in parkour. The challenge entails finding your own way to get over, under or around something.

The following rules apply in this park:

  • Show respect for each other
  • Practicing at the park is at your own risk
  • For younger children, a guardian must be present


  1. Läroverksgatan, Falkenberg