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SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a fun water sport suitable for all ages. You decide whether the experience will be a tough workout or a more relaxed session on the water. SUP helps train your coordination, agility and balance while you get a lovely time out in nature at the same time.

The sea

Park by one of Falkenberg’s beaches and take a trip on the shallow waters. We recommend Ringsegård, as you can drive your car all the way down to the beach there. We also recommend going paddling in the early morning or in the evening, as it is often less windy around these times.


You could certainly also choose to venture out onto one of Falkenberg’s 256 lakes, where you may find it easier to find truly calm waters.


Suseån is a small winding river without any major rapids, making it very suitable for a SUP trip. However, you will need to carry the board over fallen vegetation. If you want to embark on a longer trip, you could opt for the river Ätran by Vessigebro. A good place to go ashore again is by the Rowing Club’s jerry by the E6 bridge.

Challenge & Adventure

Hamnen - Ringsegård

Park by the marine in Falkenberg and paddle along the harbour entrance, following the coast southwards along Skrea Beach, around the Näset headlands and away from Ringsegård. The trip is about 4 km long, and you can go ashore wherever and whenever you want along the way.

Ringsegård - Marten round trip

This journey entails paddling in around 4-5 km of open water for the full round trip. Bring food and something to drink, as well as an accompanying boat depending on your experience level. This route is most suitable when there is a westerly wind, as you will have a more comfortable journey on the way back. When the weather is nice and the water is calm, you can see the seabed, and if you are lucky you may even get company from the local seals. The waters around Marsten are also excellent for snorkelling.

Need to rent equipment?

You can rent a SUP board here:
Västkustäventyr, tel. 0738-00 94 01, www.vastkustaventyr.seexternal link
Kite Kalle, tel. 035-21 22 23, www.kitekalle.comexternal link