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Falkenberg has great conditions for kitesurfing thanks to its shallow beaches and stable westerly winds. Kitesurfing is similar to normal surfing, except you use a kite strapped with ropes to a harness you wear. The winds then takes you and your kiteboard across the waves. It is an action-packed experience which - as you might expect - requires some practice.

Tips for different spots


One of the few spots in Halland that are also suitable for kitesurfing when the wind is blowing from a southeasterly direction. Olofsbo is a big, open bay with a long sandy beach. The beach quickly transitions to deep water, where you find the most ‘choppy’ conditions.


When the other beaches in Halland are packed with beachgoers, you’ll often find that it is quieter here. The spot consists of a big open bay with a long sandy beach and shallow water. The central and northern areas are good for beginners with flat water far out. There is a chance of waves further out in the northern part of the bay, however. You can park on the beach in Ringsegård.


A lovely, sheltered bay with a wide sandy beach and shallow water. There are rarely waves here, making it a good spot for beginners. Ugglarp is most suited for kitesurfing or windsurfing with short fins, as there is a sandbar that extends from the beach out to the southern island.

Need to rent equipment?

At Kite Kalle, you can rent equipment for SUP paddling as well as kitesurfing. Tel. 035-21 22 23, www.kitekalle.comexternal link