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Surf & SUP in Falkenberg

For those who love water, Falkenberg is an ideal destination. A long, accessible coastline and numerous lakes means that you have lots of options. For instance, you could opt for a fast-paced surfing experience in Falkenberg’s strong winds, or get up early to glide out onto the still waters of a lake where it’s just you, your board and the morning light.


SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a fun water sport suitable for all ages. You decide whether the experience will be a tough workout or a more relaxed session on the water. SUP helps train your coordination, agility and balance while you get a lovely time out in nature at the same time.


Falkenberg has great conditions for kitesurfing thanks to its shallow beaches and stable westerly winds. Kitesurfing is similar to normal surfing, except you use a kite strapped with ropes to a harness you wear. The winds then takes you and your kiteboard across the waves. It is an action-packed experience which - as you might expect - requires some practice.

Surf & Fatbike Tours

Explore the beautiful surroundings in Ugglarp with a fatbike or a SUP board. A perfect combination of natural experiences and motion, and you can schedule a tour where everything is packed and ready. You can also learn kite surfing in well-organised courses.