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Western ridning

If you drive along the winding country road from Asige toward Abild, you will soon see a large wooden gate. You get the sense that something unusual is hiding here. Give in to your curiosity and drive into the courtyard. Here you will be met by horses, a few donkeys, life and movement and wondrous and honest ranch life. A piece of America right in the beautiful Falkenberg countryside.

Up on horseback

Have you never ridden before? Then let us describe it a little bit. Horseback riding offers you a fantastic feeling of freedom. It is a fine encounter with beautiful and wise animals. Not least, it is a wonderful natural experience. You come close to all the fragrances of the meadow and forests, no matter what time of year. If you stop here, you don’t even need to know how to ride. The well-trained horses at Eddylou Ranch will take good care of you.

Två ryttare i westernstil rider på stig.

Slow Down & Relax

This is not High Chaparral where the adults play cowboy. Rather, this is about unwinding, getting close to nature and away from everyday life without having to travel far. Furthermore, it is a great place to hang out with friends or colleagues. Stay in the American-inspired cottages, enjoy a cowboy spa, order food or just sit down at the grill with the magical view over the rolling hills.


  1. Särestad Furulund 105, Asige