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Trail riding

Explore the breathtaking area around Olofsbo on horseback. Here, you can ride along the shoreline on a tour into and by the sea or navigate through dirt paths in the forest.

Horseback riding on Icelandic horses

Olofsbo Islandshästar lies just north of Falkenberg. Here, you and your party can take the reins of Icelandic horses and go on rides to the beach or forest. It promises to be a memorable experience, which often results in lots of laughter - and perhaps a sore muscle or two.

You can also take private horseback riding lessons or board your own Icelandic horse here.

More activities

Olofsbo Islandshästar is open all year round and is happy to organise special events for businesses or associations. For example, you could combine a couple hours on horseback with a lovely dinner or social event.


  1. Bölse Nilsgård 208, Glommen