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Climb up onto the back of a horse and enjoy the experiences in nature together with your friends. Decide whether you want to tiptoe along the water’s edge on an Icelandic horse or take a relaxing western tour through the rolling landscape of Asige.

Trail riding

Explore the breathtaking area around Olofsbo on horseback. Here, you can ride along the shoreline on a tour into and by the sea or navigate through dirt paths in the forest.


In the middle of the countryside, between Langås and Sibbarp, you will find Tuvagård och Vindhästar. Head out for a ride and experience the beauty of nature on horseback. And why not stay the night at the farm’s on-site B&B?

Western ridning

If you drive along the winding country road from Asige toward Abild, you will soon see a large wooden gate. You get the sense that something unusual is hiding here. Give in to your curiosity and drive into the courtyard. Here you will be met by horses, a few donkeys, life and movement and wondrous and honest ranch life. A piece of America right in the beautiful Falkenberg countryside.