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Outdoor Gym

Training with fresh air in your lungs feels great. In Falkenberg, there are several outdoor gyms you can use whenever you wish. They are open every day, year round, and always free. Perfect to combine with a scenic jog.

Vallarna Outdoor Gym

Vallarna Outdoor Gym is a wood and steel gym where you can lift logs, do sit-ups and other callisthenics. You can find all the basic facilities you need here to train and stay in good shape. You can train here all year round for free.

Skrea Beach Outdoor Gym

A well equipped outdoor gym, just by Ocean Hotel on Skrea Beach. Combine a lovely day at the beach with some physical exercise. There are several tools here which are entirely free to use.

Gurkbänken Outdoor Gym

Gurkbänken, an oasis for the whole family, is located in Vessigebro. There is a variety of training equipment here available to anyone looking for a good workout. Children can play at the playground in the meantime.

Slätten Outdoor Gym

No matter what sport you enjoy, it’s always good to mix up your exercise routine. Weight training is a good way to activate all the muscles in your body. At Falkenbergs Orienteringsklubb, there is a good wooden outdoor gym. Signs tell you how to use the equipment at the facility.

Ätrans IP Outdoor Gym

Ätrans IP has an outdoor gym with nine different stations to choose between. There’s something here for beginners and experienced hands alike.