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Want to live in the wilderness for a couple days, sleeping in shelters and drinking water from the creek? Or would you prefer a shorter day trip and simply enjoy a hike through nature? Hallandsleden shows you the way.

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See nature

Hallandsleden gives you the opportunity to truly venture out on a long trip to explore Falkenberg’s inland areas. You will hike by and across the Ätran river and Högvadsån’s scenic valleys where the landscape constantly changes. One moment you’ll be hiking through deep forests and another you’ll find yourself surrounded by open meadows with paddocks and small red cabins. Hallandsleden follows old routes that are steeped in culture and ancient history, and many of the sights you’ll pass along the way have signs that tell you more about them.

About the trail

Hallandsleden goes through all of Halland and is close to 380 km long. The trail links up with Skåneleden in the south and Bohusleden in the north. In Falkenberg Municipality, you have several options as there are two routes here, east and west. The trail follows the paths and back roads, and there are shelters and places you can spend the night scattered along the way. How far you want to hike is up to you, and you can plan how much ground you want to cover every day by taking advantage of the maps found along the trail.


There are three maps that cover the whole of Hallandsleden. You can get them for free at Falkenberg’s Tourist Information Office. More information you will at Hallandsleden websiteexternal link.