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Lace up your hiking boots and go explore the wilds of Sweden. Hiking through the varied colours of the autumn is just as enjoyable as doing so in the lush greenery of spring. Falkenberg has plenty of great hiking trails, ranging from a variety of footpaths to marked hiking trails.

Vandringsled Östdanmark

On this hiking trail, you can venture out into nature along a marked trail and learn some interesting historical facts along the way. This hike should amount to no more than a day trip at a relaxed pace. Lace up your books and head to Älvsered.


Want to live in the wilderness for a couple days, sleeping in shelters and drinking water from the creek? Or would you prefer a shorter day trip and simply enjoy a hike through nature? Hallandsleden shows you the way.

Åkulla Bokskogar

One visit to Åkulla is enough to make you want to return some day. It’s a lovely area for outdoor activities, and there’s plenty to explore.

Naturstigen Solvik

On this nature trail, you cross over marshes dotted with berry bushes and through forests with crooked pine trees. On the way, you’ll pass by the Fegen Chapel, where you have a breathtaking view of the lake.

Pilgrim Halland

Go on a hike on the old royal road in Halland through nature and culture. The trail follows in the tracks of the medieval pilgrims.

Go hiking in the nature reserves

Falkenberg is home to an abundance of beautiful nature and wildlife. There are sandy coasts with salty winds and the smell of seaweed, as well as deep and enthralling forests that hide secrets. There is an easy way to find these amazing places: Visit a nature reserve.