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The areas on either side of the river Ätran are quite simply stunning, as well as a great place to exercise, go for a bike ride or a walk. Rest for a while on some of the benches and feast your eyes on the flowing water of the river.

About Laxpromenaden

Laxpromenaden is a walking and bicycle path surrounded by the beautiful nature around the Ätran river. Doktorspromenaden on the other side of the river was established as far back as 1861, and when Laxpromenaden was completed in 1971, it became possible to talk a walk along both sides of the river. You can choose to cross the river at Laxbron or the bridge by Hertingforsen.

If you walk back to town along Doktorspromenaden, you’re in for a scenic four-kilometre walk. At the Tourist Information Office, you can pick up the brochure “Walk along Ätran” if you want to read more about the sites you will pass by along the way.

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  1. Start the walk from Tullbron's western side