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This scenic promenade is just a stone’s throw away from the busy town and leads you through beautiful scenery along the Ätran river.


Beautiful views

The peaceful Doktorspromenaden runs along the Ätran river and is a truly beautiful walkway, where you walk under proud trees that frame the river with their sturdy crowns. The river Ätran is one of Sweden’s premier salmon fishing waters, and during the fishing season you will almost certainly encounter one or several fishermen trying out their luck in the river.

A historical walk

Doktorspromenaden got its name from Dr. Gustaf Adam Ehrengranath, who was Falkenberg’s town doctor in the period 1856-1877. He wanted to give the local townfolk the opportunity to go for relaxing walks, spending his own money to establish the walkway that now bears his name. On the way, you will pass a well with a pedestal of Dr. Ehrengranath. The walkway was completed in 1861 and is two kilometres long.

Walk around the river Ätran

Once you make it to the end, you can cross over the nearby bridge (Laxbron) and walk along Laxpromenaden on your way back to town, making it a pleasant walk of around four kilometres. At the Tourist Information Office, you can pick up the brochure “Walk along Ätran” if you want to read more about the sites you will pass by along the way.


  1. Start the walk from Tullbron's eastern side