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Fishing in Högvadsån

There is a great variety of fish in Högvadsån, including salmon, trout, pike, perch and other species.

About Högvadsån

Högvadsån flows into the Ätran river in Ätrafors and is the Ätran river’s biggest tributary. The Ätran river and Högvadsån have a native salmon population and together make up the most important spawning grounds for salmon on the Swedish west coast. The most important spawning beds are found in Högvadsån, which is also home to a wealth of other flora and fauna.

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When can I go fishing?

Season: 1 April - 30 September

What rules apply?

You can go spinning, fly fishing or bait fishing. Only one rod may be used per person at a time. Fishing with shrimp or worms is allowed with single or double hooks. Restrictions apply in certain areas. Please be sure to read through all the rules for fishing in Hövadsånexternal link.

You must register your catch.

If you catch a salmon or trout, you must show it where you bought the fishing licence or note it on the back of the licence and leave it where you bought the licence. You can also text message details of your catch to 070-329 30 08.