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It’s not just salmon that thrive in Falkenberg’s rivers and lakes and along its coastline. There are many beautiful fishing spots here. And if you don’t end up catching anything, you’ll still have had a wonderful day out in nature.

Falkenberg’s Salmonfishing

Falkenberg’ Salmonfishing offers an exciting wild salmon and trout fishing experience. The salmon in the Ätran river are thriving today thanks to conservation efforts, and it is now the strongest population of Atlantic wild salmon in Sweden. So come and take up the challenge in the gushing waters of Ätran! It is only a short walk from the centre of the town to your next fishing experience.

Fishing in Ätrans Nedre

The Ätran river is a classic salmon fishing area, and there are great fishing conditions in Vessigebro. The Ätrans Nedre fishing conservation area stretches from the bridge in Vessigebro to the bridge over the old E6 motorway in Falkenberg, approximately 150 metres upstream of the Herting power station.

Fishing in Fegensjön

Fegensjön provides a challenging fishing trip for anglers. The lake consists of several narrow bays, shallow creeks and great depths. With over 17 different species inhabiting the lake, you are sure to catch a variety of fish on your hook, including everything from walleye to large pikes.

Fishing in Högvadsån

There is a great variety of fish in Högvadsån, including salmon, trout, pike, perch and other species.

Falkenberg fishing guide

Falkenberg is a perfect destination for people who enjoy fishing. If you want some tips on good spots and fishing techniques, or if you want to learn fly fishing from scratch, you have come to the right place. With the help of fishing guru Jesper Ljungberg, you’ll learn how easy and fun fishing can be.

Fishing in Ljungsjön

Ljungsjön is a popular swimming lake with its own jetty, barbecue areas, tables and benches. You can rent a boat or go fishing from the shore. A walkway around the lake makes it very easy to get around and a lovely place for an excursion.

Fishing in Suseån

Suseån is a lovely area to go fishing in. The river meanders through a beautiful landscape.

Fishing in Alvhagasjön

The company Alvhaga Vildmark owns three private fishing lakes - Alvhagasjön, Pipesjön och Kvarnsjön - with populations of perch, pike and walleye. All the lakes have calm waters suitable for family fishing trips. You can rent fishing gear, boats and outboards.

Fishing in Vinån

Vinån quietly meanders through the landscape for the most part, with only a few stretches of rapids. It has nursery areas as well as spawning areas for salmon and trout. Vinån has one of Halland’s biggest populations of brown trout.

Fishing in Vismen

Vismen is a shallow lake, reaching only 8 metres at its deepest point. The lakes has many coves and areas with reeds, which makes it an attractive fishing spot for anglers. There fishing pressure in Vismen is very low. Pike and perch are the most common species of fish in Vismen. There are also healthy populations of roach, tench, bream, burbot and eel.

Fishing in Hjärtaredssjön

If you buy a fishing licence for Hjärtaredssjön, you can also go fishing in the nearby Kyrksjön and Kinnasjön. You can also rent a boat here.

Fishing in Knobesholmssjön

Knobesholmssjön is a lovely lake with a wind shelter and barbecue area. You can walk around the whole lake, which also has a small beach.

Fishing in Töresjön

Fishing in Töresjön the surrounding lakes of Lilla Töresjö, Gällsjön, Övre Sjö, Yttre Sjö and Stora Kroksjön. You can rent a boat here.

Fishing in Barken

If you buy a fishing licence for Barken, you can also go fishing in the nearby lakes of Hakasjön, Levreshölj and Barkhultaån. You can rent a boat here.

Fishing in Storasjön

Lake Storasjön is located in the vicinity of Älvsered, on the boundary between the municipalities of Falkenberg and Svenljunga.

Fishing in Tjärnesjön

Tjärnsjön has a healthy population of perch and pike as well as roach, whitefish, vendance, bream and eel.

Fishing in Eseredssjön

You can fish for planted rainbow trout in Eseredssjön, as well as pike, bream, roach and perch. You can go fishing from a rowboat or a number of jetties. There are several nice barbecue areas around the lake. You can rent a boat here.

Fishing in Björkasjö

If you buy a fishing licence for Björkasjö, you can also go fishing in the nearby lakes of Mjällsjön and Rammsjön. The lakes are known for their large perch. You can rent a boat here.

Fishing in Tussjön and Yxsjön

Tussjön and Yxsjön are two small lakes located just outside Vessigebro. You can rent boats here for both lakes. There are crayfish in Tussjön.

Fishing in Mossjön

You can go fishing for pike, perch and roach in Måssjön.

Fishing in Lake Högsjön

The Högsjön Fishing Association's area consists of the larger Lake Högsjön and three smaller lakes: Hällesjön, Vivisjön and Ämtasjön.


The special fisheries protection area is made up of nine lakes and is located around 7 km west of Ullared along Highway 153. The area has lakes in both Varberg and Falkenberg municipalities. Boats are available for hire. Buy your fishing licence here : iFiske

Centralhalländska FVOF

The special fisheries protection area is made up of eleven lakes and is located within the Åkulla beech forest. The largest of the lakes are Skärsjön , Byasjön , Ottersjön , Valasjön , Älvasjön and Kalvsjön . The lakes are situated in beautiful surroundings that change from leafy forests to rolling pastures. The lakes differ in nature from deep clear water lakes with stony beaches to shallow lakes rich in reeds.