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Falkenberg DiscGolf Park

Bring your family, friends or colleagues along for a fun activity in the middle of Vallarna’s beautiful open-air recreation area. Disc golf is a game that anyone can play, and all you need is a frisbee.

Kedjehålet i discgolf

Golfing with a frisbee

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf in many ways, but instead of playing with a ball and clubs, disc golf is played with frisbees, which come in a variety of types, plastics and weights. You can also just play with a regular frisbee. In disc golf, every ‘hole’ is a metal basket that replaces the hole in traditional golfing. The player who has had to toss the frisbee the least amount of times after the last hole has been played for is the winner.

Play when you want

DiscGolf Park is located in the Vallarnas Friluftsområde (Vallarna Open-air Recreation Area) and has nine holes/baskets. You start near Boulecenter. The park is always open and has free admission.


  1. Läroverksgatan, Falkenberg