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From the bike saddle you can experience Falkenberg in a nice way. Follow the beautiful coastline or choose one of the scenic rounds that are located along the Ätrans valley. Take your time, there are lots of nice stops along the way.


Kattegattleden is a national cycle route that stretches across all of Halland. The stretch in Falkenberg runs through a variety of terrain and has many scenic stops along the way.


Pyttebaneleden stretches between Ullared och Älvsered and is ideal for cyclists. The path runs along an old railway embankment which occasionally hugs Högvadsån.


Travel on bike through open landscapes, forests that stretch into the horizon and beautiful lakes. Ätradalsleden snakes through Falkenberg and Falköping and is 199 kilometres long in total, of which 146 km are entirely car-free. The remaining stretches follow country roads that pass through beautiful nature and interesting stops.


Ätranbaneleden is an easy bike trail that stretches between Ullared and Fegen and is suitable for the whole family. It follows the old railway embankments, and on the route you will learn more about the local area’s nature, culture and history.

Fyrleden Trail

Are you hiking along the Kattegatt trail and want to get even closer to the sea? Between Olofsbo and Glommen, you will find Fyrleden, the alternative trail that you can follow. Many beautiful stops await you, and it is well worth a visit.

Rent a bike

Want to embark on a cycling adventure, but don’t have a bike? No problem! Below, you can find your nearest bike rental shop.