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For those who love water, Falkenberg is an ideal destination. Here, your next excursion on the water is always just around the corner. Canoeing is an exciting adventure suitable for the whole family. You can choose between gliding through the waters of lake Fegen, camping and fishing. You could also settle for a shorter expedition along some of our peaceful, meandering rivers.

Canoeing in Suseån

Suseån winds through lush vegetation and makes for an exceptionally beautiful canoeing experience in the Swedish nature. The area by the river mouth, where Suseån meets the sea, is especially worth a visit.

Canoeing in Ätran

Ätran is the second-largest river in Halland. It runs through the beautiful Ätra valley (Ätradalen) in Falkenberg’s inland region and ends at the Kattegat strait by central Falkenberg. Canoeing through the Ätran river is sure to result in a nature excursion that you won’t ever forget.

Canoeing in Högvadsån

You can go canoeing along the charming Högvadsån in Älvsered, only 10 km north of Ullared. You can rent a canoe or a kayak at Högvads Kanot & Fiskeäventyr. You can go fishing for free.

Canoeing in Fegen

Fegen is a popular destination for people who enjoy canoeing. It’s a place where you go for some peacefulness and tranquillity in a breathtaking landscape. Stop by a campsite, go for a swim or fishing and be at one with nature for a while.

Rent a canoe

Want to venture out on still lakes or roaring rivers? Your next outdoor experience is just around the corner. On this page, you can find out where to rent a canoe in Falkenberg.