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Bird watching

It’s often only a short wait in Falkenberg’s bird habitats before you spot something interesting. Along the northern coast of Falkenberg, you will find one of Northern Europe’s most important resting places for migratory birds. A lot of different bird species also seek shelter and rest in the bogs, escarpments and lakes of inland Falkenberg.

Bird watching in Falkenberg

Falkenberg has something interesting for bird watchers all year round. The winters are often mild with open waters, and there is only an short break between the flight of migratory birds in the spring and autumn, around midsummer. There are many lovely varied bird habitats in Falkenberg.

Along the coast

Long stretches of Falkenberg’s coastline consists of grazed shore meadows. The coastal area, which stretches from Morups Tånge in the south and up to Varberg Municipality in the north, is one of Northern Europe’s most important resting places for migratory birds. In Falkenberg, you can spot eider, common scoter, red-throated diver, brent goose and many other species. The area is also important for nesting species such as terns.

By lake and forest

There are a variety of nice bird habitats in Falkenberg’s inland areas. The osprey and black-throated diver are among several bird species that thrive in the area around Fegensjön. At Sumpafallen’s rapids, you may catch sight of kingfishers and dippers. At Högsjömossen, aside from listening to the black grouse’s call and cranes, you might also be fortunate enough to see moose up close.

Falkenberg's Ornithological Society

If you want to know more, contact Falkenberg's Ornithological Society, which is an active association with programmes and meetups. Their website contains detailed descriptions of all of Falkenberg’s bird habitatsexternal link.