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Sjönevad is perfect for anyone who prefers lakes with a bit of a beach vibe to them. The swim spot is particularly loved by children due to the sandy beach and because the water is quite shallow until you go a bit further out.

About the swim spot

Sjönevadssjön has an excellent swim spot with a sandy beach and jetty. There is a barbecue area as well as restrooms in the area. You can go for a short stroll along the lake, which will take you past the inn Sjönevads Gästis and an old dance hall. Sjönevad is a calm and peaceful place, but the area livens up over the second weekend in August every year in connection with the Sjönevad market festival.

If you have access to a boat, rowing out to the island in the middle of the lake makes for a fun excursion. The island holds the ruins of a castle built centuries ago in the early middle ages.


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