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Fegensjön is big, deep and stunningly beautiful. The best swim spot is in Linjevik, where there is a beach, dock, tables and swings.

About the swim spot

The swim spot has a barbecue area, bathing jetty, restroom and rubbish bins. You can walk here from the town of Fegen on the Solviken nature trail, which is around two kilometres long.

A big part of Fegensjön is classified as a nature reserve, and the lake is known for its rare spring-spawning vendance fish. Pike, perch, zander (pikeperch), burbot and eel are also found here. Fegensjön is 38 metres deep at its deepest point and has a total area of 23.4 km2. Close to the middle of the southern part of the lake, the three landscapes of Halland, Småland and Västergötland meet.


  1. Koordinater: 57.116088, 13.043861