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There is something special about lakes; beautiful, calming and surrounded by lush greenery. Spend the day here. Go for a walk, have a barbecue and hop off the bridge for a refreshing swim.


Ljungsjön is a real gem with its beautiful swimming spot and the lovely walkway that goes all around the lake.


Sjönevad is perfect for anyone who prefers lakes with a bit of a beach vibe to them. The swim spot is particularly loved by children due to the sandy beach and because the water is quite shallow until you go a bit further out.


The road that takes you to the swim spot follows the long, narrow lake and is an excursion in and of itself thanks to the scenic views along the way.


A place worth spending the whole day, so be sure to bring a packed lunch! There are lovely green areas to lie in the sun and for the children to play.


After a long day of shopping at Gekås Ullared, what could be better than going for a cooling dip? Musajön and its surrounding beautiful nature is located just a stone’s throw from the department store.


Fegensjön is big, deep and stunningly beautiful. The best swim spot is in Linjevik, where there is a beach, dock, tables and swings.


In the middle of Älvsered lies a big swim spot with a tower you can jump from and a jetty called Nabben.


A lovely swim spot for the whole family. It has a large bathing jetty, diving tower, beach and plenty of tables and benches.


A perfect spot for swimming and playing. There is a slide down to the water, swings and a bathing jetty.


In the middle of the community of Ätran, you will find this fine swimming location with a dock, tables and benches as well as a place for grilling.