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Cold water swimming

You don’t have to stop swimming just because summer’s over. The health benefits and refreshing feeling of cold water swimming entice lots of people to take a dip whatever the season. Here, you will find suggestions for places to swim in and around Falkenberg.

Take a cold plunge

Falkenberg has many kilometres of coastline and sandy beaches. But if you’re heading into wintry, ice-cold waters you’ll definitely want to get into the water from a ladder. Here are a few options:

Cold water ocean swimming

If you want there to be a warm shower or sauna nearby, then book yourself in to Falkenberg Strandbad, Ocean Hotel or Flip Flop Beach Bar & Rooms. Here, you’re just a couple of steps away from the ocean.

If you manage to change clothes in situ, there are two ladders off the pier on Skrea Beach. The swimming ladders along Bacchus are taken in for the winter except for one at the very end that is reserved for winter swimming. Scan the QR code here to check the temperature of the water.

Cold water lake swimming

The piers by some of our lakes are also a good alternative. It’s often less windy here than it is along the coast and you might get the chance to plunge into crystal clear waters. At Musasjö Lake you can hire a floating sauna (from Gekåsbynexternal link, opens in new window), while there are BBQ huts and changing rooms by Lyngsjön. If you want to start with a quick run, there are marked paths at several points around the lake. Find your way to our lakes.