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Ringsegård Beach

There is a sandy beach that stretches on for more than two kilometres in Ringsegård. There is always plenty of space here, and you can also park on the beach!

About the beach

There are no ice cream stands or beach restaurants by Ringsegård beach. However, you can park your car here. Being able to park your car on the beach itself makes it perfect if you have young children, brought a lot of things with you or if walking long distances is uncomfortable for you. Many people simply find it highly convenient to have their car so close at hand. The beach is wide and flat, meaning there is space for several rows of cars. However, be mindful of deep and slippery sand at the descent. Part of the beach is car-free.

The best way to get to the beach is by following Strandvägen south of Falkenberg. Bastuholmen Island is connected to land by a stone pier. The beach north of the stone pier is typically referred to as Hansagård.

There are parking areas at Ringsegård Beach. At the two northern ones, you can drive your car down to the beach itself and park there. There are restrooms at the beach.


  1. Marstensvägen, Falkenberg