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Falkenberg is the right place for anyone who loves the sea. 13 kilometres of sandy beaches and an even longer coastline with cliffs, pine forests and beach meadows. You’ll find some of Halland’s best beaches here.

Skrea Beach

You’ll find all the best things about summer in Sweden at Skrea Beach. High sand dunes, classic bathhouses, restaurants, street life and a long jetty that stretches far out into the sea.

Olofsbo Beach

Fine white sand and high dunes make this beach one of the most popular in Falkenberg. If you get an urge for some ice cream or pizza, you can find both on the other side of the dunes.

Ugglarp Beach

Ugglarp has not just one, but three lovely beaches. There’s also no need to decide between sand, rocks and grass, as there is something for everyone here.

Ringsegård Beach

There is a sandy beach that stretches on for more than two kilometres in Ringsegård. There is always plenty of space here, and you can also park on the beach!

Långasand Beach

Långasand is likely to be a prime contender for your favourite beach in Falkenberg. It is a very shallow, child-friendly beach. The beach is framed by rocks to the north and south, and you have an amazing view of the coast from here.

Glommen Beach

Just north of Glommen lies a long and lovely sandy beach with low dunes.

Rosendal Beach

A beautiful sandy beach surrounded by beach meadows and open landscapes. Rosendal lies 12 km north of Falkenberg along the coastal road between Glommen and Morup.

Stafsinge Beach

Stafsinge beach is rarely crowded. It is the perfect place for an evening swim given that it is only a short bicycle ride from town. It is also a great picnic spot where you could spend the whole day.