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Värdshuset Hwitan

Värdshuset Hwitan is centrally located in Falkenberg and one of its oldest and most beautiful houses. In the summer, music flows from the garden, and its location by the Ätran river means you can go on some lovely walks.

About the hotel

Värdshuset Hwitan is a charming old hotel located on Storgatan, right in the centre of Falkenberg. It was built in the 18th century, functioning as a tavern and inn, and the wings were added in 1924. You have a wonderful view of the Ätran river from the terraces in the garden. Hwitan has 34 rooms in three categories: Single, Combi and Double. There is also a conference floor which can accommodate up to 30 people.

For several periods in its history, Hwitan has served as an annex to the Grand Hotel and does so today as well. Checking in and out is therefore done at the Grand Hotel, which is located 200 metres from Hwitan. Breakfast is also served there.

The music

In the summer, various events are organised for the garden’s outdoor stage. In the winter, a lot of concerts are held in Tryckhallen, which can be accessed from the garden. Big conferences are also held here.

The restaurant

Hwitan has a charming restaurant open for group bookings. The restaurant serves a fantastic Christmas buffet, and in summer, the barbecue grills in the garden restaurant are lighted up.


  1. Storgatan 24, Falkenberg (OBS incheckning sker på Grand Hotel, Hotellgatan 1)