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Ugglarp Camping

There’s no need to choose between long stretches of sandy beaches or sun-warmed cliffs when you can find both at Ugglarp. So why not enjoy everything a holiday by the sea has to offer at a truly modern camping facility?

About the campground

Ugglarps Camping is a family-friendly oasis located just by the shore. The campground consists of two areas, Strandängen and Lyckan. Strandängen is located right by the shore, and the Lycken area is nestled in scenic surroundings right by the forest edge.

There’s lots to see and do in Ugglarp. The local nature, environment and surroundings are perfect for walks, bicycle rides and fun outdoor activities. During peak season, the facility organises daily activities such as children’s clubs, pony riding and movie nights. There are also regular activities held throughout the camping season, such as adventure golfing.

The local nature instils a kind of tranquil harmony in visitors, regardless of whether it’s a sweltering hot summer day or a chilly November morning. You can book a cabin or conference at Ugglarps Camping all year round. The campground extends to the hills, where the cabins have an unbeatable view of the sea. The cabins have modern furnishing and contain their own shower and toilet.


Restaurang Strandkanten is located directly by the entrance to the campground. The restaurant serves food, drinks, coffee and ice cream a mere stone’s throw from the sea.


  1. Strandkantsvägen 2, Ugglarp