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It’s easy to relax once you’ve set up your awning, the children have found new playmates and the smell of barbecue spreads over the campground on a warm summer evening. That’s when you know you’re finally on holiday.

Skrea Camping

Experience one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches up close. Treat yourself and your family to a scenic and varied camping holiday by Skrea Beach and the Kattegat strait.

Ugglarp Camping

There’s no need to choose between long stretches of sandy beaches or sun-warmed cliffs when you can find both at Ugglarp. So why not enjoy everything a holiday by the sea has to offer at a truly modern camping facility?


If you want to stay as close as possible to the shopping paradise, you will almost certainly find something that’s perfect for you. Gekåsbyn offers hotel rooms, cottages, motel rooms, campsites and motorhome sites.

Olofsbo Camping

Olofsbo has a long, child-friendly sandy beach. The campground is located only a stone’s throw from the sea and is a gorgeous location for a sunny summer holiday by the beach. Our high-quality, modern cabins are available for booking all year round.

Hansagård Camping & Resort

If you’re looking for a summer holiday full of sunshine, the sea and the camping life, you’ve come to the right place. Hansagård Camping & Resort offers everything that campers who love the sun and beach might want.

Vinbergs Golfklubb

You can book high-quality cabins and luxurious golf suites at Vinbergs Golfklubb, which also has a beautiful campground for tents and campers. Of course, you are free to play a round of golf here as well.

Rosendals Camping

A calm and pleasant family campground situated by Rosendal’s beautiful beach.

Caravan Club Olofsbo

Become a regular Falkenberg visitor. By joining the Caravan Club, you get a guaranteed spot at the Olofsbo campground and thereby secure your holiday plans for years to come.