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Cabin & Apartment

Want to stay in Falkenberg for a while in a place with your own kitchen? Like the thought of staying in your own private cabin in a quiet area close to nature? Here are several accommodation options for you to consider.

Skrea Camping

Experience one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches up close. Treat yourself and your family to a scenic and varied camping holiday by Skrea Beach and the Kattegat strait.

Ugglarps Camping

There’s no need to choose between long stretches of sandy beaches or sun-warmed cliffs when you can find both at Ugglarp. So why not enjoy everything a holiday by the sea has to offer at a truly modern camping facility?


If you want to stay as close as possible to the shopping paradise, you will almost certainly find something that’s perfect for you. Gekåsbyn offers hotel rooms, cottages, motel rooms, campsites and motorhome sites.

Agerör Henriksgård

At Agerör Henriksgård, you can enjoy the sunshine and sea view from a private terrace. The farm has four lovely apartments that are rented out on a weekly basis.

Hagbards By

In the middle of the countryside - Asige, to be specific - lies a true oasis of peace and quiet. Regardless of whether you are searching for an overnight stay for the family, a relaxing holiday or a place for your family reunion, you need look no further. Welcome to Hagbards By.

Eddylou Ranch

This American-style ranch is located in the beautiful surroundings of Asige. At Eddylou Ranch, you can stay in a cabin, park your motorhome for a short overnight stay or make use of the entire facility for meetings and horseback riding.

Örnatorpet Ullared

These cabins are beautifully situated in peaceful nature with grazing horses and birdsong just outside the door. At Örnatorpet Ullared, you can find a bit of peace and calm after a long day of shopping at Gekås Ullared, which is just 2 km away from here.

Olofsbo Camping

Olofsbo has a long, child-friendly sandy beach. The campground is located only a stone’s throw from the sea and is a gorgeous location for a sunny summer holiday by the beach. Our high-quality, modern cabins are available for booking all year round.

NaturZonen in Wismhult

It’s easy to find a sense of tranquillity at lake Vismen. Go fishing, barbecue, book a relaxing treatment, row out onto the lake or just enjoy being out in nature.

Vinbergs Golfklubb

You can book high-quality cabins and luxurious golf suites at Vinbergs Golfklubb, which also has a beautiful campground for tents and campers. Of course, you are free to play a round of golf here as well.


The Ulvanstorp farm is located by the edge of the forest and surrounded by open fields and old pasture meadows. At this place, you can go for hikes, swim in lakes or just enjoy your stay amidst tranquil, beautiful surroundings.

Berghaga Gäststuga

A cosy cabin located in idyllic natural surroundings, just a short distance from Ullared. From the terrace, you have a view of the dam, where you are welcome to go swimming from the jetty.

Hansagård Camping & Resort

If you’re looking for a summer holiday full of sunshine, the sea and the camping life, you’ve come to the right place. Hansagård Camping & Resort offers everything that campers who love the sun and beach might want.

Ätrans Fritidsanläggning

Ätrans Fritidsanläggning is a small holiday village of 7 cabins located right by the peaceful Eseredsjön, but it is also a complete facility for holiday-goers seeking outdoor life and fun activities.

Grimsholmens B&B

This truly charming bed & breakfast is located right at the intersection between the sky and sea by the Grimsholmen nature reserve. A small path leads you down to the shore meadows, cliffs and sandy beaches.

Cabin rentals in Halland

With over 100 cabins in Halland for rent and 1,000 in all of Sweden, you can be certain to find the perfect accommodation for your needs. On Stugsommar, you can find everything from small, charming cabins to big villas and luxury summerhouses with a sea view.

Alvhaga Vildmark

The possibilities for activities in Fegen's beautiful surroundings are almost endless. This the perfect place to enjoy yourself, whether you want peace and quiet or high octane adventures. Stay at Alvhaga Vildmark to be truly at one with nature.

Sävekulla Cottages

Sävekulla is located in the Halland inland not far from Falkenberg. Here is it legendarily beautiful all year long, and the houses you can rent are not far from Storasjön, and boats and fishing licences are included in the rent. From your window, you can see elk, deer and small game.


Hanarpstorpet is located among the beautiful natural surroundings between Heberg and Slöinge. Book the entire location for a perfect family vacation, a weekend with friends or a camp for the sports team.

Gunnagårds Farm Cottage

Only nine kilometres away from the shopping metropolis of Ullared, you can live rural and secluded in your own cottage at Gunnargård. Here the children can look at pigs, hens and rabbits. The cottage is fresh and has its own cultivations that you can enjoy.

Simple Accommodation

Three small cottages offer accommodation with a simpler standard and a lower price immediately south of Falkenberg.

Visit Ugglarp

Rent a cottage by the sea for the perfect base for discovering Falkenberg and the surrounding areas. Nature is King in Ugglarp and there are plenty of activities for active types. Those who prefer to just lap up the sun and the sea have found the right place.

Annies accommodation

Stay in a lovely little cabin right by the sea in Stranninge. Here, you can relax on a private balcony and take in the afternoon sun or go for a refreshing morning swim at Petter’s Jetty.