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The Ulvanstorp farm is located by the edge of the forest and surrounded by open fields and old pasture meadows. At this place, you can go for hikes, swim in lakes or just enjoy your stay amidst tranquil, beautiful surroundings.

About Ulvanstorp

This little farm is the perfect little escape away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for you, your family or your colleagues.

Farmors Cottage

In this cottage there is a total of eight beds split into four rooms, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and living room.


You’ll never feel bored at Ulvanstorp. Try your luck with some fishing in one of the lakes in the surrounding area. The hiking trail Östdanmark starts - or ends - right here in Ulvanstorp. Groups can meet and hang out in the yard, and there’s nothing stopping you from taking a dip together in the wood-fired sauna.

Flatbread bakery

Twice a year Ulvanstorp open up their flatbread bakery. Read more at Ulvanstorp.seexternal link


  1. Ulvanstorp 105, Älvsered